PTEK FM Broadcast Transmitters Announces Executive Team Additions

SAN JOSE, California (Oct 13, 2014) – PTEK, a leading manufacturer of FM broadcast transmitters, announced new additions to their executive team today and a significant infusion of capital that will enable them to grow operations, improve product quality, and more effectively meet customer demand.

Larry Longhurst has been named president of PTEK. Longhurst’s experience in engineering, operations and sales includes seven years as an engineer in high-tech manufacturing. After earning an MBA at Gonzaga University, he spent 11 years in capital equipment sales and business development.

Also joining PTEK is Dr. Karl F. Warnick as technical advisor. Dr. Warnick is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Brigham Young University and a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. His expertise is in the areas of wireless communications and microwave systems engineering, and he leads a research team that has done groundbreaking research in antenna systems for satellite communications and scientific instrumentation.

“It’s rare that a company like PTEK has such tight control of the design-to-assembly process, with most components sourced right here in the USA,” added Longhurst. “We control all aspects of our product. That’s what our customers like most about us. It’s not just the high quality of our products —they can talk directly to the teams that have designed and assembled them.”

As a part of this leadership change, PTEK has unveiled a new logo and brand identity that reflects both the quality and the stability of its products, all of which will be adopting the new identity over the next few months. The rebranding will be accompanied by under-the-hood product design enhancements.

“We are highly focused on our customers’ needs,” said Longhurst. “As such, we have adopted the tagline ‘Your Message Matters’ because our customers’ messages really do matter for millions of people every day. We believe in the value of their message and our mission is to help them deliver it.”

Since 1995, PTEK has been a leader in the design and manufacture of radio frequency equipment for FM broadcast and government and scientific applications. PTEK has a long history of creating innovative solutions that are affordable and effective for radio communication.

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