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We have transmitters for LPFM, FM Translators and full power Broadcasters, all at affordable prices & with excellent service!

PTEK FM Transmitter Products
Gamma Series 1500-5,000 Watts

PTEK Gamma Transmitter The Gamma FM Series achieves 80% efficiency with LDMOS based amplifiers. This results in a low cost of ownership. There is also additional cost savings resulting from the lower heat generation of these amplifiers. Less power being lost to generated heat requires reduced power requirement by HVAC systems to cool the transmitter building. The electric power savings in this new PTEK design is significant.

1000 watt power amplifier modules keep the GAMMA reliable and coupled with the hot pluggable power supplies ensures you stay on air.

Meets or exceeds all FCC standards**.
Gamma 1500 Data Sheet Product Manual
Gamma 2000 Data Sheet Product Manual
Gamma 2500 Data Sheet Product Manual
Gamma 3000 Data Sheet Product Manual
Gamma 3500 Data Sheet Product Manual
Gamma 4000 Data Sheet Product Manual
Gamma 4500 Data Sheet Product Manual

ES Series 150-1,000 Watts
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All ES series transmitters feature a 42 month warranty backed by CircuitWerkes!
FM1050ES Transmitter
Our ES Series transmitters offer output powers from 150 watts to 1200 watts.  Our lowest power transmitter, the FM150ES is a perfect solution for those breaking into FM broadcasting on a small-scale. Whether you are setting up a new radio station for a church, a school, or non-profit, this unit will help you get on the air quickly and cost effectively.

The ES Series can be used as a stand alone transmitter or translator. All models have front panel programmable FSK ID. They are perfect for small markets as a main analog transmitter, as well as for LPFM applications and can also be used as an emergency or back up at the largest stations.

Meets or exceeds all FCC standards**. The FM150ES and FM300ES are FCC type certified for use on LPFM stations.
FM150ES Data Sheet Product Manual
FM300ES Data Sheet Product Manual
FM500ES Data Sheet Product Manual
FM1050ES Data Sheet Product Manual

**All PTEK transmitters exceed FCC emissions standards out of the box. 
Additional output filter modifications are available for customers requiring ultra
low spurious emissions.  Reduces out of band energy by an additional 20-25dB
(typically approx -100 dBu).    Call (509) 290-6652 or email us for details.
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 Webserver Remote Controls:
                        External RC

PTEK produces Internal remote controls for the ES series.  Also available is an inexpensive universal external remote control that works with both the ES and Gamma transmitters.  The external remote control can be added in the field to any Gamma or ES series transmitter that has been made since 2013.

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Used  & Refurbished Transmitters:   From time to time we accept trade ins of working equipment from customers that want to upgrade to more powerful or newer transmitters.  Click here for our current list of used equipment available for direct sale.

Other Products:  PTEK has strategic alliances with other broadcast equipment manufacturers.  We can offer you antennas, feedline, FM Combiners/Diplexers and other essential equipment for building out your transmitter plant.