Our ES Series transmitters offer output powers from 300 watts to 1200 watts.  Our lowest power transmitter, the FM300ES is a perfect solution for those breaking into FM broadcasting on a small-scale. Whether you are setting up a new radio station for a church, a school, or non-profit, this unit will help you get on the air quickly and cost effectively.

The PTEK ES Series can be used as stand-alone transmitters or as translators. All models have front panel programmable FSK ID. They are perfect for small markets as a main analog transmitter, as well as for LPFM applications and are often used for back up at the largest stations.

All three of the ES Series units meet or exceed FCC standards and the FM300ES is FCC type certified for use by LPFM stations.

If you’re new to the radio industry or just have questions about our product offerings, we’re happy to help. Please feel free to get in touch with us so we can assist you.

Compare our selection of LPFM transmitters or translators, below.



Our most popular product, the FM300ES is widely used by LPFM and community stations as their primary transmitter.



The FM500ES provides up to 550 watts of output power at a very compelling price point. It is a reliable unit, built on the same platform as the widely used FM300ES.



Our 1kW transmitter is a true work-horse. At a rated output power of up to 1,200 watts it provides plenty of extra horsepower.