The FM Series achieves 80% efficiency with LDMOS based amplifiers. This results in a low cost of ownership. There is also additional cost savings resulting from the lower heat generation of these amplifiers. Less power being lost to generated heat requires reduced power requirement by HVAC systems to cool the transmitter building. The electric power savings in this new PTEK design is significant. 1000-watt power amplifier modules keep the FM Series reliable and coupled with the hot pluggable power supplies ensures you stay on air.

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Compare our selection of FM Series transmitters or translators, below.



The most widely deployed of our FM Series transmitters, the FM2000PS is a very reliable unit at an attractive price.



The PTEK 2.5kW, FM2500PS was designed for the mid-sized radio stations and has wide deployment throughout the US.  



With 4200 watts of output power the FM4000PS will get it done. It is efficient, easy to install and operates without intervention.