Are you wondering how far your transmitter will broadcast? Use this tool to find out:

Additional Instructions:

1. Choose either miles or kilometers.

2. Choose either F (50, 50) curves for Service Contours (FM & NTSC TV) or F (50, 10) for Interfering Contours.

3. Choose Distance.

4. Click on Submit Choices.

On page 2, enter:

1. ERP in kilowatts, e.g., 500 watts is .50, 50 watts is .050, etc.

2. HAAT (height above average terrain) enter height of antenna from the ground if it is clear of any obstructions, i.e., other buildings, terrain, etc. If your antenna is mounted 100 feet from the ground, but it is surrounded by other 100 foot or higher objects, then you would enter 0.

3. Enter field strength (dBu) as 60.

Click Go to Page 3 for results.