Web Enable Your PTEK

By using the existing serial data interface in your PTEK transmitter and a Serial-to-Ethernet cable adapter you can quickly and easily add Web-enabled remote control to the transmitter by using the following instructions.

1. Wire a 25pin D Sub to a 9pin D Sub connecter like this:


2. Connect a Serial to Ethernet Adapter to the 9 pin D-Sub and then to your router


Frequently Asked Questions about web enabling your PTEK

Are there any serial configuration adjustments I need to make for the 232 to Ethernet device?

Check the device documentations. The serial port uses 9600N81.

What are the calibration values for?

To accommodate all of the models produced in the last 5 years, different cal values are needed. To fine tune these adjust on site to match the front panel LCD readings

How often is the data updated?

Every 400mS (a function of the transmitter)